In the post-apocalyptic wastelands of Chicago, years after a devastating virus pandemic,
DEAD SPEED is the story of an ex-convict, Darren Gray, forced to survive in a brutal world of cannibalism.

In this new age of the virus, the smallest wound can mean infection and death.
Rossmore Prison has become the final outpost for humanity, surviving on a currency of human organs.
Former inmates, known as “Rippers,” are sent out into the city to retrieve healthy organs for re-transplantation.

The Rippers require fast cars to retrieve human organs back to the compound,
before the Undead descend on their new found prey.

When Darren discovers a young girl who may be the key to ending the plague,
he severs a hidden treaty keeping the Undead forces at bay.
Pursued by both the human survivors and the Undead armies, his life becomes a race for survival,
depending on his skill and speed to keep himself alive.

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